CEO Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Helmut Plättner found his company at the former facilities of VEB Sternadio Berlin in the world heritage city Quedlinburg. In the backyard of a small leased hall about 180 m², later the warehouse for wrapping material for big orders, with three employees Mr. Plättner bravely stepped into self-employment. At the beginning the main orders were contract productions of circuit boards, which were used for example as multi switches for satellite reception.



Purchase of the first three placement machines, leasing of more rooms with a size of 450 m².



Transformation from a sole proprietorships to a GmbH, founding of own development department, own developments and the manufacturing of new electronic devices should become the second main pillar of the company.



Plättner Elektronik GmbH employed two development engineers, 15 production workers, one master production engineer and one apprentice.



Plättner Elektronik GmbH employed 23 employees, including 4 development engineers and one apprentice ; step by step introduction of own products like the “Drill-Guide”


2000 and 2001

Investment in two SMD – placement machines and one full-convection reflow soldering machine to introduce a new placement and soldering method



The existing production site in Quedlinburg was upgraded with the newest and best manufacturing technique



Founding of completely new headquarters in Blankenburg/Harz



Investment in another SMT-production line. This includes one stencil printer (DEK), two SMD – placement machines (Siplace), one reflow soldering machine (Rehm) and a respective handling. Furthermore a Flying Probe Test Machine (FPT, Polar) was purchased and a new wave soldering machine (epm). Introduction and application of workstation components regarding the conductivity according to the DIN EN 61340-5-1 A1 and A2 and DIN EN 61340-4-1.



 Purchase of another wave solder maschine (SEHO 7240-F). It was alteration and expansion of the storeroom.



Introduction and application of new quality management system  ISO 9001: 2008



Purchase of new cleaning and reflow soldering machine (Rehm VX)



Plättner Elektronik GmbH employed a total of 53 employees, including 3 apprentices.

In addition, the construction of a 120 square meters hall, the commissioning of the new plant nitrogen were carried out and a new crimping machine and a machine for cut to length and strip the insulation of pipesacquired.



Successful re-certification of the quality management system ISO 9001:2008. Introduction and implementation of traceability software (LINE RECORDER). Investment of an automatic inspection system (AOI Omron) including handling, as a stand-alone - solution. Acquisition of a new function tester (FCT) for electronic gas - modulation systems and a new transport vehicle. Participation in the parade at the occasion of 800th anniversary of Blankenburg / Harz.



Acquisition of new measurement technology for EMC measurements and another crimp and strip machine for pipes. Successful monitoring system of the ESD protection concept according to DIN EN 61340 and quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.



Investment in further SMD automatic insertion equipment (two Siplace D1i and D4i) including handling, calibration equipment for conveyer belt systems, a stencil cleaning facility, a paint spraying / lacquering workplace and a further function tester (FCT) for electronic, gas and modulation systems. Creation of new offices required to enable the number of employees to be increased.



Succesful recertification of the qualtity management systen DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

In June began the construction of a 2000m² large warehouse and prodoction hall. The completion of construction was at the end of november.


Futher Acquisition from SMD automatic assembly machines (Siplace HS50, F5 incl. WPC), DEK - stencil printers, reflow soldering machines (REHM VX and V8), as well as a THT -wave soldering machine (SEHI NGW 10/100) and handling.

Meanwhile the company has about 90 employees.



25 Years Plättner Elektronik GmbH -innovation, resitance, reliability an quality.